The Digital Wallet Summit is an initiative by Traicon to revolutionize the way financial transactions are being made in the current modern era. At this conference we will have the key stakeholders who would be discussing the various challenges, objectives while discussing the roadmap for developing a cashless economy in the Middle East.
According to a number of reports published by top marketing research firms countries in the Middle East are showing interest to transform their current economies into cashless economies and they are also actively working towards digital transformation as a priority.
  • The Digital Wallet Summit will discuss the various challenges and key opportunities which can be used to make adoption of digital wallets simpler and feasible in the Middle East.
  • We will be speaking about the key factors and requirements that will be needed to foster a digital payment ecosystem.
  • At the Digital Wallet Summit this October you will witness some very interesting case study presentations from our international expert presenters, highly interactive panel discussions, workshops and a very exclusive opportunity to network with industry peers.

Why is this event important?

Cash is still the preferred option in the GCC. But this will change very soon. The beauty of disruptive technology is that it disrupts the system no matter any amount of resistance from the organizations and they will have no choice but, to adapt to the change. The world has gone digital and the payments sector has not been immune to this transformation. Building on the regional market’s potential, financial institutions, merchants, payment companies and governments are collaborating and innovating to grow a stronger digital payments ecosystem that adapts to shifting consumer preferences. This event will highlight the importance of the digital transformation in the payment sector and would be covering important factors that will be playing a vital role to foster an environment for such a transformation.
  • Adopting the Concept of Digital Wallets.
  • Impact of Digital Wallets in the Middle East.
  • Incorporation of Digital Wallets into the Economic System.
  • The Middle East countries willingness to move towards cashless societies.
  • Effect of Cashless Concept on Other Economies.
  • Cyber Security concerns with regards to Digital wallets and what are the solutions.
  • The Road-map for countries with emerging Economies to transform their current economies into a cashless economies.

Focused Industries

Banking Sector

Government Sector

Digital Payments Sector

Fintech Sector

Mobile Network Sector

Internet Company Sector

Transport Ticketing Sector

Education Sector

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